Al Madeena Organic Fertilizers

We Al Madeena Organic Fertilizers Factory as organic and Organo-chemical fertilizers factory, The factory located at the industrial city at Al Ain which is 25 Km from the city and it's yearly capacity is 75,000 MT .


We have some selected products and mainly for organic farming, fish products and bone meal products and others , also the amino acids and humic Acid . we are talking about amino acids chelated trace elements and granular ( Organic- NPK ) - under MADFERT  .


We have in our plant 3 production lines for the following and we are the main producers for these grades in the Emirates and for the same trade names:


1- Powder (Organic fertilizers)

2- Special Organic fertilizer for the crop ( Datepalm – Al Nakhla )

3- Granular Fertilizer slow release (Chemical and Organo-chemical) under the brand MADFERT .

  • Organic Fertilizers الأسمدة العضوية

    سماد أبقار عضوي طبيعي 100% معقم ومعالج حراريا
    سماد بودرة معبأ بأكياس 25 كجم
    خالي من المواد السامة والمخلفات الصناعية والأتربة والشوائب
    خالي من الفطريات و النيماتودا و الفيوزاريوم والبكتيريا الضارة
    خالي من بذور الحشائش

  • Special Fertilizer

    palm date tree fertilizers
    سماد النخلة خاص بأشجار النخيل